Category: LAMDA

75 Pupils Earn Top Marks in LAMDA Exams

13th September 2023

Another successful LAMDA exam day in early June 2023 resulted in top graded LAMDA certificates awarded to a total of 75 TGS children. This was fourteen more children taking LAMDA exams…

61 TGS Children Earn Outstanding LAMDA Results

7th September 2022

After taking their acting exams in June 2022, we were so pleased to award LAMDA certificates to a record-smashing 60 TGS children in September. The children did exceptionally well this…

TGS Shakespeare Monologue Competition 2022

1st April 2022

For this year’s Shakespeare Monologue Competition, children nominated by their LAMDA teacher were invited to record themselves performing a monologue from a range of Shakespeare’s plays. The children were free…