Primary School Staff

The Gower School team posing with frame at the Crisis Square Mile Run, June 2019

The Gower School prides itself on its very high ratio of staff working directly with children. The level exceeds those set by Ofsted, so our children get lots of individual attention.

We also invest heavily in our staff team both in terms of Continuing Professional Development and sponsoring staff through longer-term qualifications. This ensures that The Gower School is a great place to work and that our skills and knowledge are updated constantly.

Many of our primary staff have been with the school for many years – one has even been with us for thirteen years! The Gower School has 47 employees who have worked with us for over three years, 30 employees who have worked at the school for over five years, and 8 employees who have been with us for over ten years – something we are really proud of.

But the primary school is a great mix of experienced and new teachers whose fantastic contribution to our children’s development and The Gower School’s success are marked each year in a special anniversary event for our staff. You can see a document showing all our primary staff’s dedication and length of service.

You can see a full list of The Gower School’s Primary Staff.

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