Empowered Parenting

Empowered Parenting Course

Bringing up a child can be the most amazingly rewarding experience – but it can often bring challenges and frustrations.

Empowered Parenting is a five-module course that helps parents build a more understanding relationship with their child, and support their child in each stage of their journey through childhood. The course has been referred to as a “revelation” by our parents who have “noticed changes in one day”.

Led by Emma​ Gowers, the course outlines how children’s bodies and minds develop as they grow, the support they require at each age, and the most effective ways that adults can offer it.

In addition, the course explains how children develop in the major areas of language, maths, creativity and behaviour, and will help parents create a seamless transition from nursery to primary school.

You will learn simple and practical ways of living with children, and positive language tools for adults to use in everyday situations to reduce stress. Empowered Parenting is the ideal place to discuss specific challenges of individual children in an understanding and supportive environment, and develop strategies to address them.

Autumn Term 2020 Course

Our next Empowered Parenting Course will run over five evening sessions, and the course will cover:

The secrets of child development – Core principles of the developing child and what you can do practically to support them.

Behaviour – How to positively manage and guide your child’s behaviour for the best.

Language development and the basics of literacy – The foundations that underpin all language and reading, preparing your child for school.

Number development and the basics of maths – Creating a love of and ease with numbers.

Creativity – Setting free your child’s inner artist.

Each module will have information, discussion, practice and application. Your child will be the main focus, the aim being to empower you as a parent to give you the skills, insight and reassurance that you need so that you can give your child the support they deserve.

Autumn term course dates: Wednesday 7th October, Wednesday 14th October, Wednesday 21st October, Wednesday 4th November, and Wednesday 11th November.

Time: 6:30pm–9pm

Location: The sessions will take place either online, on Zoom, or, as usual, in person at our Primary School site. We will confirm this as soon as possible.


We offer a discount if both parents would like to attend the Empowered Parenting Course.

One Gower School parent: £155

Two Gower School parents: £280

One non-Gower School parent: £180

Two non-Gower School parents: £330

If you are interested in this programme and would like to book a place, please click here and complete our form.