Key Policies

At The Gower School we are a happy community where teachers and children respect, help and care for each other. Within our friendly, family atmosphere, we are committed to accepting siblings, provided they are able to cope with the demands of the school.

We take responsibility for the health and well-being of all the children in our care and are prepared to work in co-operation with any external agencies should the need arise.

The Gower School is a non-denominational school.  We seek to encourage children of all faiths and cultures to understand the difference between right and wrong, to believe in values that matter, to develop their own self-discipline and be prepared to defend what they believe to be right.

We see each child as an individual, and aim for all our children to be happy, confident learners who achieve their potential through skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic teaching. We prepare children for entry into the top London schools at 11+ for girls and boys, thus postponing exam pressures until an age at which the children are better able to involve themselves in the process of choosing a secondary school suited to their abilities and interests.

We believe in educating the whole child: Music, Art, Philosophy and Sports all play an important part in school life, both as part of the curriculum and as additional activities.  Some children may succeed more in these areas than in the academic subjects and confidence thus gained will be reflected in the classroom.

Children with mild learning difficulties, or English as a second language, will be supported by extra help within the classroom from the teacher or assistant, and may have additional sessions with a Learning Support teacher if necessary.

The Gower School is an unpretentious, civilised place where good behaviour and good manners are paramount. Although we are essentially a liberal school with few rules, there are clear and absolute boundaries: bullying or disruptive classroom behaviour will not be tolerated.  Inappropriate behaviour is usually dealt with by a firm word or a brief lecture, but persistent offenders may be asked to miss a favourite activity, in which case parents would be informed.

Our children are tolerant and understanding, and are encouraged to think creatively through philosophical discussion. As well as being encouraged to discuss and debate issues, children are taught to be respectful of other views and perspectives. We ensure that young people are equipped with the skills they will need for life. We aim to produce confident, articulate speakers, curious and independent thinkers who are unafraid of challenging, debating and exploring ideas. We hope that with this approach, children will continue to strive towards greater success and fulfilment in their adult lives.

Policy documents are available in each school reception area.

Complaints Procedures
Curriculum Teaching And Learning Policy
First Aid And Sick Child Policy
Admissions Policy And Procedure
Relationships And Sex Education Policy
School Uniform
English As An Additional Language Policy
Safeguarding And Child Protection Policy
E Safety Policy
Behaviour Management Discipline And Sanctions Policy
Health & Safety Policy
SEND Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Late Collections And Non Collection Of Child Policy


Glossary of Terms
Data Protection (GDPR) Policy
Privacy Notice For Parents of The Gower School Pupils
Pupil Privacy Notice
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