Baby Signing


We have been using baby sign language successfully at The Gower School for many years and have been enrolled in the Tiny Talk UK programme. We use a form of British Sign Language which helps babies communicate with you before they can talk.

Although you will, of course, tune into the needs of your own baby, from six months old baby signing can be used to help your child to let you know what they want and how they feel. For example, rather than trying to guess whether crying means that your baby wants milk, is hungry or is tired, they can let you know through making a sign. Babies can understand so much before they can talk and baby signing helps them communicate with you. They might tell you that they are excited to have seen a bird, or that they are looking forward to bath time.

The Gower School is proud to be the first accredited baby sign language school in North London and all our staff have been involved in an intensive training programme to reach this level. For more information on Tiny Talk, please visit:

Parents tell us that lots of their children use the sign language at home, and children throughout the groups enjoy communicating in this way. Anecdotal evidence shows that children learn to speak quickly and clearly and enjoy higher levels of communication, alleviating many of the toddler tantrums usually brought on by their own frustration with communication difficulties. Tiny Talk is involved in an ongoing professional training and refresher programme at The Gower School to ensure we can continue to adhere to the highest standards.

Parents are invited to attend an annual workshop at the school to support them in using this approach at home should they wish to do so.

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