Forest School

Children growing up in the city often have limited opportunities to experience the natural world first hand. So we are proud to be one of the few nurseries offering a fully qualified Forest School experience in central London.

Our Forest School in local woodland and parkland actively encourages children to experience and learn through outdoors play, exploring trees and plants, leaves, insects, mud and activity games.

As well as helping them become comfortable with the natural environment and dressing suitably for all weathers, this helps develop their general confidence. They learn a range of new practical skills. They use all their senses, and start to understand managing risks in activities. It helps them to develop working independently and in small groups of their friends.

And with the qualified Forest School leaders they do activities which help their literacy and mathematical skills, as well as their understanding of the world.

Hands-on learning in the woods and park is a great way of developing their learning in all areas. Please see our Forest School leaflet for more information.