61 TGS Children Earn Outstanding LAMDA Results

7th September 22

over 50 Gower School Children Powing with Their Lamda Certificates in the School Courtyard.

After taking their acting exams in June 2022, we were so pleased to award LAMDA certificates to a record-smashing 60 TGS children in September.

The children did exceptionally well this year, with 53 of them earning a Distinction, the highest mark possible, and the remaining 8 earning a Merit, the next highest result. This means that an astonishing 100% of children earned either a Merit or Distinction in their exams.

According to LAMDA’s website, earning a Pass with Distinction means that a child has performed in a ‘clear, audible and engaging’ manner, and complemented their acting with ‘effective body language’.

Taking LAMDA lessons with our specialist teachers is a highly popular endeavour amongst TGS children. Through weekly lessons throughout each term, children improve powers of self-expression, expand their vocabulary, learn to read easily and fluently, improve confidence in speaking and listening, and strengthen their memories and ability to recall information.

We are so proud of all the children for taking the time to practice regularly and steadily improve their performances. Thank you to our LAMDA teachers Miss McNamara, Miss Mullen, Mr Taylor and Mr Salmon for guiding and supporting the children to achieve such terrific results.