TGS School Council organises Easter Gifts for Children in Care

22nd April 22

Kindness Bags Feature Photo

Before the Easter holidays TGS children had charity on their mind. At the end of the Spring Term the School Council appealed for ‘Kindness Bags’ to be donated to children in care in Islington. 

We asked TGS families to please donate an Easter gift bag for vulnerable local children by the end of the Spring Term. Each ‘Kindness Bag’ held a chocolate egg, a small toy or book, and a handmade card signed ‘From a Friend’. The appeal was a magnificent success, and our Primary school received an astounding total of 198 Easter gift bags. Our Nursery also brought in dozens of bags for children in care.

The School Council then donated the gift bags to Laura Eden, the Director of Safeguarding for London Borough of Islington. Laura expressed her deepest gratitude to the TGS community, and explained that at any one time Islington has 1,000 children either in need or at risk and that over 300 children are in care at any given time. 

We are very proud of our charitable initiatives for the local community, which reinforces our ethos of philanthropy and social responsibility. It is thanks to TGS families and the School Council that we are able to support vulnerable children in Islington.