Art and Design

Creative development is vital for a balanced education, and Art and Design helps stimulate creativity and imagination. Children become involved in shaping their environment through related activities and learn to make informed judgements, as well as aesthetic and practical decisions. The Gower School encourages children to foster, enjoy and appreciate the visual arts along with a good knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers.

Each half-term, in each year group, a different artist and genre is explored in The Gower School primary classes and children learn the skills and techniques associated with each one. We have an annual Art and Design competition and the winning design previously decorated our Poetry Book 2016. There is also an annual art Exhibition Evening at the school which parents love to attend.

Our children often enter art competitions and have been successful on many occasions, such as at the City of London School for Girls’ creativity competitions. In 2016 one of our groups came second in the Independent Schools Association Exhibition 2D Group Artwork category with their artwork “Splatty Painting”. Previously one of our students was shortlisted for the Fourth Plinth schools competition and attended an exhibition and reception at City Hall.