Physical Education

We are very proud of our Physical Education and Games Department. The sporting opportunities for all children are significant, both during the school day and after hours. The children are offered Physical Education (PE) through different activities throughout the school week. Children in Upper School participate in two PE lessons and a Games lesson each week. The Lower School are taught the foundations of movement, balance and co-ordination through sports skills, passing and receiving, dance, athletics, and striking and fielding. These skills are later developed into full team sports, including football, netball, rounders’, tennis, dodgeball, cricket, tag rugby and handball. Activities change regularly so the children get the opportunity to experience a broad range of different physical activities. Children also compete in fixtures most weeks of the year and take part in our annual Sports Day and Swimming Gala, as well as participating in Independent Schools Association’s Sports fixtures.

All the children from five years old onwards have the chance to swim weekly, with swimming being compulsory from age five to seven and thereafter there is an optional weekly swimming club which children can attend. Other clubs offered include gymnastics, football, cricket, athletics, archery, street dance, karate, sports skills and ballet.

Our Sports department from left to right: Mr Day (Primary Teacher), Mr Barradell (Games and P.E Coordinator) and Mr Lane (Games and P.E. Assistant)
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