Primary School Curriculum

The core of our curriculum is what you would expect in any good, thorough, primary school. Language work covers areas such as reading, writing (in different styles), comprehension, spelling, and grammar. Maths covers mental arithmetic and problem solving. Culture includes history, geography and art.

In Reception and Forms One and Two, we follow the Montessori work-cycle approach in which children direct their own work within the overall curriculum expectations and including Maths and English each day. Much of the children’s work is structured around multi-subject projects, and enquiry-based learning, in which children take responsibility for managing their own interests, for example following the Montessori Great Lessons. The curriculum also includes philosophy.

All children also learn computing, including coding and touch typing, supported by a large number of computers, iPads and other devices.

Each week, the children are taught by specialist teachers in French, music, sports and science.

Our sports department provide an extensive programme of sports, PE and dance on a wide range of grounds and facilities suitable for each sport. We undertake a programme of competitive games with other schools in several sports.

We focus strongly on supporting children to develop the confidence and experience to speak and perform in public. Each child from Reception prepares a presentation to their class each term, as well as many other opportunities for poetry recitations, performing assemblies to the whole school, and music performances, both alone and in groups. The autumn and summer terms end with a whole-school concert.

We have a full programme of themed weeks around language, science, and music topics, and a wide range of visiting speakers on various topics.

Outside of school hours, we offer a wide range of taught After School Clubs – ranging from football, ballet and textiles, to musical theatre, choirs, cookery and chess.


Taster Sessions Summer 2021


We have some special free taster sessions on offer this Summer!

  • Messy play for HoliForest School and Outdoor Nursery Classes – from Thursday 29th April 2021
  • Primary School Taster Day for Autumn 22 starters – Saturday 26 June 2021

Please see more information about the sessions and booking details here.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Gower School!