Nursery Rooms

The Gower School Nursery is split into eight different classes (Les Nounours, Les Petits Lapins, Les Petits Poussins, Les Petits Canards, Les Petites Souris, Les Ecureuils, Les Papillons and Les Dauphins).

All our groups in The Gower School nursery are multi-age to encourage your child’s development in the best possible way. Experience has shown that the mixed-age approach works well as it allows the children to move on to the next group with their friends so ensuring a smooth transition through the nursery.

We pride ourselves on the warm and friendly atmosphere of our nursery and many parents comment on this when they visit. As with any Montessori establishment, we take a child-centred approach and your child will be supported by our nursery staff to become the best they can be. Their language and communication skills will develop quickly, especially as a result of the mixed-age groups, and children in the nursery enjoy learning how to become more independent. Our staff encourage this independence by speaking to all the children in the nursery in a respectful way.



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