Nursery Attendance


For children aged between three months and five years we offer:

  • two full days (8am to 6pm)
  • three full days (8am to 6pm)
  • four full days (8am to 6pm)
  • five full days (8am to 6pm)

For children aged 16 months to three years we also offer:

  • three, four or five mornings each week (9am to 12:30pm)
  • three, four or five longer mornings each week (9am to 2:15pm)
  • three, four or five afternoons each week (2:15pm to 5pm)

For children in Les Papillons and Les Dauphins (three years to five years) we also offer:

  • five core-day places, Monday to Friday each week (9am to 4pm)