Introducing ‘Eden’: Our New Playground Paradise

19th June 24

We are thrilled to introduce our new rooftop playground, ‘Eden’, has been officially opened for school use. This wonderful space has been designed with great care and creativity by the talented landscape architects Staton Cohen, in collaboration with our visionary architects, Architype. Our aim was to create a safe, engaging, and serene environment where children can play, explore, and relax.

One of the standout features of Eden is the bespoke natural wood play structure, beautifully crafted by Duncan & Grove. This unique play area offers a variety of opportunities for active play, including climbing, jumping, and sliding. The tiered steps and vertical levels add an element of adventure, while the quiet sitting area nestled among green planting provides a perfect spot for rest and reflection.

Safety is paramount in our design. The ground is covered with a soft wet pour surface, which is cushioned to ensure that children can run, jump, and play safely. Surrounding the entire area is Eco-willow fencing, which not only blends seamlessly with the natural aesthetic but also provides excellent sound absorption, maintaining the tranquil atmosphere of Eden.

Since its opening, every class had the chance to explore Eden for the first time. The excitement and enthusiasm were palpable as children discovered the many features of their new playground. It was a joy to see them climbing, sliding, and enjoying the new space, embodying the spirit of play and adventure that Eden was designed to inspire.

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