TGS Musicians Win Prizes at North London Festival

19th May 23

Students with Their Awards

The Gower School children are excellent musicians! At the 2023 North London Festival of Music, Speech and Drama, TGS children won one medal in the cello solo competition, one medal in the piano solo competition, and four medals in the recorder solo competition.

The festival’s strings, piano and recorder competitions took place throughout May. Each child’s diligent practising in preparation for the festival paid off, as the competition adjudicators were seriously impressed the competition adjudicators with their performances. In all, six children were awarded 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place prizes across three performance categories. Of a Form Four girl’s winning cello performance, a judge commented that she played such a ‘heartfelt and sensitive performance’, and that she shows such potential with her instrument.

Congratulations to the many winning TGS children for their exemplary performances in this prestigious festival – what an outstanding showing for our school! An incredible amount of thanks to our recorder teacher Miss Widdup, our piano teacher Mr Grigoryan, whose excellent teaching have led to this impressive windfall. 

Student with His Prize

Student with Her Award

The amazing results from the North London Festival are as follows:

Performer Performance Category Result
Form Four Girl 8 years and under Cello Solo First Prize
Form Two Girl Grade 1 Piano Solo First Prize

Form Three Boy

Novice Recorder Solo

Second Prize

Form Two Girl

Novice Recorder Solo

Third Prize

Form Four Boy

Grade 3 Recorder Solo

First Prize

Form Four Boy

Grade 3 Recorder Solo

Second Prize

Form Five Boy

Grade 6 Recorder Solo

Second Prize

More photos of the many TGS winners with their medals at the North London Festival can be viewed on our school Facebook page. 

Students Holding Up Certificates

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