Message from our Principal

"Our teachers are specialists in the age group/developmental stage with which they work. They are keen observers and adept facilitators, recognising varying paces and learning styles, helping not doing, coaching not lecturing. Most have committed years of service to our school. They believe in unfolding the child, not moulding or merely stuffing with data.

We offer a broad curriculum in multi-age classrooms, aimed at the development of the whole person - mind, body, heart and soul- teaching academic and social skills, as well as life skills, to actually last a lifetime.

We are guided not by bureaucratic edict but by a philosophy of education that espouses respect for the individual child, nurturing surroundings, and self-reliance. Plus, we believe in purposeful and fulfilling activity that breaks down the artificial division of ‘work’ and ‘play’. And, while we don’t promote peer competitiveness as a learning tool within our classroom, we do reinforce the inner drive for self-improvement as a motivational tool.

The warm, friendly environment is immediately apparent when you enter the school – it is a unique environment where everybody gets to know every child and family by name. It is important to me that every child is recognised as an individual, so that we can nurture their talents and give them the specific help that they need to succeed at school.

I am proud that we have created such an exciting place for a child to grow and learn – the ever developing broad extra curricular programme and flexible approach values and responds to children’s interests. Lastly, we are proud to be in Islington, and part of a diverse community – of parents, students and staff – with all that central London has to offer, working towards a shared vision, and held together by common-sense educational values.

Being Principal of TGS is an incredible experience, it is wonderful to be a part of our amazing children’s journey through the early years and their primary education, as they become little people. I look forward to welcoming you to our school."

Emma Gowers, Principal

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Montessori Nursery

The Gower School Montessori Nursery
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Montessori Primary

The Gower School Montessori Primary
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