Children’s Success

We are proud of our children for challenging themselves by taking part in internal and external competitions, examinations, and sports fixtures throughout the school year. Here is where we celebrate their fantastic achievements!


First Prize – Year 3 & 4 Category (ISA Handwriting Competition 2021) 

The judges shared emphatic praise regarding her handwriting: “A mature, individual hand. A pleasure to read.”

Les Hiboux (Reception) Class

1st Place – “Textiles Group, EYFS and Key Stage 1” (ISA National Art Competition 2020)

“Shapes and Buttons Wall Hanging”, the winning artwork, is a wall hanging inspired by the work of American pop art pioneer Andy Warhol, particularly his iconic “Campbell’s Soup Cans”. Each of the children designed and decorated their own can and sewed it onto a piece of felt. 


1st Place – TGS Shakespeare Monologue Competition

An external judge praised the child’s performance as Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream for its “cinematic and sophisticated staging” and her “wonderful attention to the meter and the verse”, describing the entire package as “brilliant work”. The pupil was one of two children chosen to represent TGS at the ISA Shakespeare Monologue Competition 2021.


2nd Place – TGS Shakespeare Monologue Competition 2021

An external judge described the child’s performance as Phoebe from As You Like It as “really theatrical and well-imagined” and praised her “brilliant learning of a very long speech and finding lots of different dynamics within it.”


1st Place – “Key Stage 2 Learnt Monologue” (ISA Shakespeare Monologue Competition 2020)

ISA judges praised the 11-year-old thespian’s performance as Phoebe from Shakespeare’s As You Like It: “A wonderful performance: lively, modulated, witty, charming and engaging; captures the essence of Phoebe and is immediately accessible.”


ISA Young Musician Award – Junior School Category (ISA Young Musician Competition)

Our young virtuoso dazzled the judges with her excellent cello playing, which she has studied since she was three years old with the renowned cellist and teacher Annette Costanzi.


Highly Commended – “Horsey Junior Essay” (ISA National Essay Competition 2019)

The “Horsey Junior Essay” category challenged children to choose an autumn scene and recreate it using vivid descriptive techniques. Rohan’s essay “Forgotten” was hailed by an adjudicator as a “beautifully descriptive piece” with “excellent descriptors” and “ambitious vocabulary”.

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