Professor Samuel Stein: Understanding Children’s Behaviour: why children behave the way they do

Thursday 13th June 2019; 6.45pm for 7pm – 9pm
The Gower School, 10 Cynthia Street
Open to non-school parents

What makes us behave the way we do? What makes our children behave the way they do? One of the true delights of being a parent is how our children can surprise us in doing something we did not expect – and sometimes there can be a more challenging side to this too!

Our behaviour does not define us – but as we seek to help our children develop, understanding why and how they behave is something we believe can be a very useful tool.

We are therefore delighted to have been able to arrange for Professor Samuel Stein, a psychiatrist who specialises in children’s behaviour, to come and give a talk to parents and staff on Understanding Children’s Behaviour: why children behave the way they do. Professor Stein is a fascinating and knowledgeable speaker, and when he has spoken to audiences of headteachers and experts about children’s behaviour they have found his insights very illuminating and useful.

He will talk to us about children’s behaviour from behavioural, cognitive, systemic and psychoanalytical perspectives. Children’s behavioural issues are changing, and traditional responses are often alienating pupils from school, leading to educational and social marginalisation. Bad behaviour is multi-faceted: the same presentation could reflect different causes within one child, or with regard to several different children. Behaviour may be learned responses, due to maladaptive cognitive strategies, reflect family problems or indicate internal world issues.

Professor Samuel Stein is a Consultant in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, having completed his training in Oxford, Cambridge and London. Professor Stein was previously a Clinical Director of a successful CAMHS, and is a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire. He has won prizes and research grants linked to service-oriented developments within the NHS, many of which remain examples of good practice nationally. Professor Stein practices at 10-12 Harley Street in London, as well as in Aylesbury and Truro.

Tickets cost £10 and can be booked through the nursery office ( by Thursday 23rd May. Places are available on a strictly first come, first served basis.

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