From what age did you attend TGS? 2–11 (2003–2012)

What school did you go on to after TGS? Highgate School.

What are you doing now? Studying as part of the Medical School at the University of Edinburgh. Over summer, I have taken up a job as part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, working in the Intensive Care Unit in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Any future career aspirations? I hope to continue with my studies and become a doctor.

Any other interests? I enjoy playing football as part of the University’s recreational team and going reeling as a laugh with my friends. In general, I enjoy just spending time with my friends and hope to next year at University learn to surf and be part of the student radio station and Anatomy Society. 

What’s the main thing you remember when you think back to your time at TGS? I think back to the times I spent playing in Grimaldi Park with my friends. 

What did you enjoy about your time at TGS? The freedom to learn in a more relaxed setting in a small class where you know everyone in your year, as opposed to the more structured, big classes of secondary school.

What did you learn or take away from your time at TGS? The friends I have made there as I still keep in contact with everyone in my class and we all still regularly meet up despite all going to different secondary schools and now universities. 

What was your greatest achievement at TGS? Myddelton winning Sports Day. 

Any fond memories of teachers or events? The Teachers Race at Sports Day was always fun, as was the aftermath of Sports Day, and the last days of terms where everyone always had a great time.

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