Toddler Montessori


Children in the younger rooms at The Gower School nursery have access to early Montessori materials and activities. The Montessori ethos runs throughout the whole of the nursery. All activities are differentiated to cater for each individual child and their needs. Children are provided with an assortment of Practical Life Skills activities to assist the development of their concentration, fine motor development and hand eye co-ordination, and to encourage their independence. These activities include pouring, spooning and threading activities and are regularly adjusted to suit each child’s individual ability. The children are encouraged to choose their own activities and then to tidy them away when they are finished. Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play sessions provide babies and toddlers with opportunities to develop their fine motor skills and independence further. Our children enjoy plenty of Sensorial activities where they can explore and investigate variations in size, shape, weight and textures through all different mediums.

There are a wide range of activities the children can choose independently, including construction activities, small world activities, role play and puzzles – all of which will help the children develop their pre-language and pre-mathematic skills. All activities are accessible to the children on shelves at their height.

Creative activities such as painting, collage making and mark making are readily available in each room each day for the children to explore when they wish. There is also a variety of malleable play activities offered daily such as playdough, sand and water play and sensory trays. These activities provide the children with the opportunity to explore colour, texture and shape, and encourage the development of their hand muscles which will aid and support their future writing skills.

Children are encouraged to put on their own shoes and coats and to help with dressing themselves in all rooms. They are supported with brushing their teeth and washing their hands to develop their self-care skills also.

At mealtimes the children are encouraged to pour their own drink, clean their own face and tidy away their dishes where possible.

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