The Gower School’s approach is strongly informed by the Montessori Ethos

In addition, we have our own five Golden Rules, which are:

  • Be calm and use a soft voice.
  • Respect others and their work.
  • Be kind and caring to others.
  • Respect the school environment.
  • Walk at all times.

The Gower School prides itself on a high teacher to child ratio, far exceeding most other schools.

The children’s social skills are strongly developed by the experience of learning in groups mixed according to subject and interest as happens in life, rather than age. A strong emphasis is placed on developing each child’s independence, and they are encouraged with pouring drinks, putting on shoes and coats, choosing their own activities and being able to do things for themselves.

Each child gets the opportunity to be ‘Special Helper’ on a regular basis, giving them the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility and initiative, and boosting their confidence. The role involves helping at lunchtime, bringing in a healthy snack, a music CD or favourite book to share with the class and other tasks, such as taking messages and counting children for the class register. The children love the system and are very excited when their turn comes round!

Every child’s birthday is celebrated with a ‘Birthday Circle’ where they share memories of their life to date, with photos of them growing up and anecdotes and memories of momentous events, such as their first word and favourite foods.

Grace and courtesy are an integral part of The Gower School community. Children are expected to use their manners, open doors for adults, tidy up their materials and help their peers. Children are expected to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as well as saying ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ at the beginning and end of the day. We also encourage children to use the names of adults when speaking to them and to make eye contact.

We wish to work in partnership with parents and at the nursery there are “Introduction to Montessori Education” workshops each autumn for parents and each term there are a range of curriculum talks.

Come and visit us!

We have some special free taster sessions on offer!

  • Messy play for HoliCome and visit our ‘Outstanding’ Montessori Nursery  in person for an individual tour – please visit our Nursery Open Days page for more details and to book your visit
  • Forest School and Outdoor Nursery Classes – every Thursday afternoon – please see more information and booking details here
  • Primary Taster Day Autumn 2021 – Saturday 9th October – book a Taster Day session for your child or an Open House tour for yourself (or both!), please see more details and how to book your place here

We look forward to welcoming you to The Gower School!