From what age did you attend TGS? 5 months–11 years (2002–2012)

What school did you go on to after TGS? North Bridge House, Hampstead.

What are you doing now? Having not been able to sit my A Levels due to Coronavirus, I am keeping busy coaching football with Camden Town Youth Team – ages 5 to 13. I am waiting to start at Nottingham University to study Civil Engineering.

Any future career aspirations? Become a Civil Engineer.

Any other interests? Basketball, football, boxing, travelling (had planned to travel around Europe with Arthur Wallwork this Summer – but Coronavirus hit).  I went on an expedition to Malawi with Outlook Expeditions in the Summer that I finished at North Bridge House where amongst other things, I helped to build a school in rural Malawi for those less fortunate than ourselves  It was a fantastic way to finish my secondary school education and say goodbye to old friends. I am planning on travelling to Colombia at Christmas – fingers crossed.

What’s the main thing you remember when you think back to your time at TGS? The nurturing environment and the many trips we all went on. I always felt safe and cared for. A real second family.

What did you enjoy about your time at TGS? Without realising at the time, I made lifelong friends at TGS. We regularly meet up when we are all in London. In fact, we started doing Come Dine With Me evenings as soon as we left TGS where it was girls v boys… it still goes on today!

What did you learn or take away from your time at TGS? Good friends and a love of sport.

What was your greatest achievement at TGS? Winning every Sports Day!

Any fond memories of teachers or events? All my teachers were great – especially remember Miss Drinkrow and Mrs. Corns. And Sandra of course. The big move from North Road to Cynthia Street was exciting – a proper primary school with so much space! Our year definitely felt like we were the pioneers.

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