From what age did you attend TGS? 4–11 (2007–2014)

What school did you go on to after TGS? Channing School.

What are you doing now? I’m taking my IB exams next year at Sevenoaks.

Any future career aspirations? I hope to study ancient and modern languages in university and to study abroad.

Any other interests? Playing tennis.

What’s the main thing you remember when you think back to your time at TGS? Mainly the friends I made there, many of whom I remain close with today.

What did you enjoy about your time at TGS? The size of the school really made a big difference – being in a small year group I was able to connect with each of my classmates individually as well as make friends beyond my year group in lessons that we shared with people in different year groups.

What did you learn or take away from your time at TGS? I think it taught me some invaluable social skills and allowed me to establish the foundations of my learning in the beginning stages of my life.

What was your greatest achievement at TGS? Becoming House Captain in Year 6 and winning the House Cup several years in a row was a big achievement.

Any fond memories of teachers or events? I have many fond memories of being a part of Myddelton. I remember Sports Days very well and I think the whole House System was very well established and was an integral part of our time at school which I really cherish.

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