Children Recite Poems for Annual Poetry Festival

9th February 22

Poetry Recitation Week

The Gower School Primary has been absolutely lyrical this erm as its annual Poetry Recitation Festival draws to an end. Each year, children in each form are asked to select and memorise and recite a poem of their choice in class. As with any live presentation, the children experienced butterflies before performing. However, each child took on the unique ‘character’ of their poem and delivered performances which were fun, confident, and full of energy! 

The week culminated on with a day-long Poetry Recitation Festival on Friday 14th January. Each form took turns performing in the New Hall, where children recited their selected poem with gusto. The event inspiring laughs, gasps, and of course applause from the audience.  

Children in each class voted for two of their friends to represent them as a finalist at the Poetry Recitation Assembly, which took place on 28th January. One by one, each child recited their selected poem with gusto for the entire school. The event inspired laughs, gasps, and of course much applause.

Each child was delighted to be presented with a medal and poetry book prize from Miss Gowers, together with a personalised winning notebook and bookmark.

We were thrilled that the children had a chance to perform before a live audience once again, especially after last year’s Poetry Recitation Festival was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. TGS believes that performance opportunities are core to building the children’s confidence, public speaking abilities, musicality, literacy, and stage presence.   

Photos of the children reciting their poems can be viewed on our Facebook page. 

Please see a full list of the finalist’s poems below:


Albert performed ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Lousi Stevenson 

Amia performed ‘The Worst Princess’ by Anna Kemp 

Form 1: 

Ginny performed ‘Spaghetti’ by Samara Daisy 

Tristan performed ‘Sky Seasoning’ by Anonymous 

Form 2:

Aurelia performed ‘Queue for the Zoo’ by Clare Bevan 

Thomas performed ‘Basketball’s My Favourite Sport’ by Kenn Nesbit 

Form 3:

Valentin performed by ‘The Trouble with my Brother’ by Brian Pattern 

Eliot performed ‘My Doggy Ate My Homework’ by Dave Crawley 

Form 4:

Isadora performed ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ by Maya Angelou 

Lourenço performed ‘The Dinosaur’s Dinner’ by June Crebbin 

Form 5:

Jeanne performed ‘Sick’ by Shel Silverstein 

Isaac performed ‘Super Senior’ by Neal Zetter 

Form 6:

Julia performed ‘Erlkönig’ by Goethe 

Kian performed ‘Fire Alarm’ by Neal Zetter 

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