TGS Poetry Competition 2021

12th January 22

For this year’s annual Poetry Competition, children in each form were invited to write an original poem with the title ‘My BIG Mouth’. The children were free to use any poetry form they preferred, and we received many inventive and creative entries. 

A judging panel of teachers and librarians then had the near-impossible task of picking just one of these poems to represent The Gower School at the 2021 ISA National Poetry Competition. A winner and a highly commended poem were selected from each form. Each child’s name was announced at one of our morning assemblies, and each winning poem was performed by our two Form 6 Drama Captains. Their cohesive performance delighted everyone in attendance! 

After much deliberation, the judges settled on three poems to send forward to the national competition. We congratulate these children on their entertaining poems, and wish these entries the very best of luck! Additionally, we have been seriously impressed by all of the children’s poetry writing skills, and we would like to offer a huge thank you to Miss Kennedy for organising the competition. 

Please check out the winning entries below, and watch a special video recording of our two Drama Captains performing each finalist’s poem.

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