TGS Organises Christmas Gifts for Children in Care

20th December 21

In December 2021, following the success of several charitable projects for Islington children in care, The Gower School student council announced an appeal for Christmas gift donations. 

Our proactive School Council invited TGS families to organise a bag with a toy for local vulnerable children so they can receive a gift this Christmas. Recommended gifts included indoor games and toys, outdoor games, books, and art supplies, as well as a homemade card filled with a kind handwritten message. 

The School Council issued a mission to the entire TGS community: to collect 100 Christmas gifts. Ultimately, we received 147 Christmas gift bags from the TGS community, which was an astonishing result! As a reward for meeting their goal, Miss Blackburn announced that Miss Gowers must wear a sparkly Santa hat for the entirety of that week’s morning assembly! 

Laura Eden, Director of Safeguarding for London Borough of Islington, came to The Gower School to collect the 141 bags of gifts and book donations for local children in need. Laura
was simply delighted by the sight of all these bags –many containing up to three presents each –and
the generosity of TGS parents. Laura shared that there are around 800 children in need in Islington.

What a wonderful way to spread goodwill and Christmas cheer with our surrounding community. Well done to the School Council for organising such a charitable appeal.

Photos of Miss Gowers, the School Council, and Miss Blackburn donating the presents to Laura Eden can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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