Upper School children embark on Bushcraft adventure

23rd June 21

Form Six enjoy Bushcraft camping trip

On Thursday 20th May, our Form Four and Six children boarded their coach outside the school gate and embarked on their first school trip in over a year. They arrived at Cuffley Activity Centre, Hertfordshire for an overnight Bushcraft adventure – full of high-octane outdoor activities and camping fun!

After a year of cancelled and postponed school trips, we found it very heart-warming that our children could finally continue this annual TGS tradition and make memories that will last a lifetime.

When they arrived, each class group received a Health and Safety talk before kicking off their own individual Bushcraft trip. Form Four immediately learned how to build a campfire using a selection of sticks, some cotton wool covered in petroleum, and flint. They then used their fires to cook delicious burgers for lunch. After dubbing themselves the ‘Bushcraft Warriors’, the Form Four children even used the cold ash as ‘warpaint’ for their faces! Each child then built their own den using tarpaulin and tent pegs and presented their finished den to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Form Six completed a blindfolded obstacle course and a series of teamwork challenges. Most impressive of all, however, was how bravely the children tackled the Leap of Faith, an ambitious climbing activity that required the children to climb a high pole, and then leap from the top of it to a trapeze bar. Despite some less-than-ideal weather that denied them the chance to enjoy a low climbing activity the next day, the children made the most of every moment in nature.

The Gower School children enjoy camping trip at Cuffley Activity Centre, Hertfordshire

We are so grateful that this trip could go ahead. This was actually the first time a Form Four class from The Gower School has taken part in one of our Bushcraft camping trips, and we are delighted they enjoyed themselves. They can’t wait to take an extended trip next year when they’re in Form Five! A big thank you to Miss Blackburn, Miss Falloon, Miss Kennedy and Miss Rock for accompanying and looking after the children.

We are looking forward to many more trips in the future!

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