TGS celebrates French Culture Day

25th May 21

On Monday 17th May, The Gower School celebrated French Culture Day. The children came to school dressed in French-inspired clothing and colours. We saw plenty of red and white, stripes, avant-garde hats, and even a few moustaches. They all looked delightfully French and were full of joie de vivre!

The children also brought their own French-inspired snacks to school, including croissant, madeleine, pain au chocolat, and pain aux raisin. We provided baguette, grapes and a selection of French cheeses so all the children could enjoy an exciting cheese tasting.

Our French teacher, Madame Wheatley, holds her lessons with each Form on Mondays, so this was the perfect opportunity for her to help the children immerse themselves in French culture and practice the language in a practical and authentic way. 

French Culture Day at The Gower School
A TGS child samples some delicious French cheeses.

While sampling the different cheeses, the children used their conversational French to ‘order’ them, as if they were in a French café. The ‘menu’ included Port Salut, Fromage de Chèvre, le Boursin, le Roulé and le Président Brie. Some children even helped Madame Wheatley by being a shop assistant and asking what each child would like to eat!

We are so happy the children enjoyed such a fun and enriching French Culture Day. Until next year – adieu!

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