The Gower School Principal with a boy who won Highly Commended Prize in the Horsey Junior Essay at ISA competition 2019

The Gower School child Highly Commended at the national essay competition

Congratulations to Rohan Jain, Year Six child, who won Highly Commended Prize in the Horsey Junior Essay category at the Independent Schools Association’s National Essay competition 2019 with his essay “Forgotten”. The competition had over 250 entries from around the country.

The children in Rohan’s category were asked to choose an autumn scene and recreate using vivid descriptive techniques. Brian Duffield, an adjudicator of the category, reported that: “Rohan has written a beautifully descriptive piece, cleverly linking the title to the final word of the response. It opens with some excellent descriptors: “russet veins,” “the cerulean sky,” and “mud engulfed,” illustrate how ambitious vocabulary immediately captures the scene. A metaphor comparing the falling leaves to “wingless birds” is also a great image. He develops the scene by contrasting the human dimension with the natural, “seem like there was a wave of depression washing over it,” creates a powerful mood. There is then a description of the various animals who visit the scene-a little like the pond in “Of Mice and Men,” and the retreat as darkness falls and “old worries were, for the time being, Forgotten,” creating a lovely cyclical structure.”

School Principal Emma Gowers congratulated Rohan, saying: “We are thrilled for Rohan’s achievement, he is a brilliant writer and it is absolutely fantastic to see one of our talented getting recognised in a national competition. Huge congratulations to Rohan!”