Cheese Festival Week at The Gower School Nursery

23rd January 15


ImageNews2_thumbEach group has an array of activities planned for the week including sampling a range of cheeses, learning about how cheese is made and mapping cheese from around the world. Children will also be getting creative with cheese by making cheese based nibbles, adding ingredients to soft cheese, reviewing cheese in their tasting booklets and creating cheese collage posters.We will also be visiting a cheese counter in a local shop, looking at how cheese is sold, presented, preserved and possibly indulging in a sample or two. Please join your child in this exciting learning by echoing these experiences at home and encouraging your child to sample new cheeses with you. We also welcome any parents if they wish to join us in any activities or wish to send in any of their favourite cheeses to us for this week- please arrange this directly with your child’s Key Person.

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